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#343 Senators Team


343 Senators Team343 Senators Team back

What’s sadder than a card depicting a Washington Senator? How about a card with a picture of the whole team. The team cards from the 1964 set weren’t exactly design masterpieces, with the photos being shot from so far away that it’s impossible to tell who you’re even looking at.

The condition of this card, combined with its subject, might make it the least desirable card I have. But team cards, if in good shape, command a premium over commons. This is partly because they weren’t as collectible (given that you couldn’t make out any individual players), and partly because some of the good teams (like the Yankees) feature several star players on the same card. This card is a VG at best, due to a laundry list of issues that includes what appears to be a moldy spot on the back.

The back of the team cards list every pitcher that threw for the team the previous year, with each guy’s record against each team and some totals at the bottom. In a dismal 56-106 season, no Senator won more than 9 games (Claude Osteen). We’re told here than Don Lock led the club with 27 homers and 83 RBIs, and Chuck Hinton’s .269 was the top batting average (yikes).

The Senators didn’t have a winning record against any team, but went 9-9 against the Tigers, Red Sox, and Angels. They were 3-15 against Baltimore.

It should be noted that 1963 was just the third year of the “new” Senators. The previous Senators had moved to Minnesota to become the Twins for the 1961 season, so the Senators that began play that year were an expansion franchise. They moved to Texas in 1972 to become the Rangers, and nearly 50 years after launching, the franchise has won a grand total of one playoff game. And you thought the Cubs were bad.

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  1. 12/30/2009 6:52 am

    Almost 50 years and still no World Series appearance for this franchise. Yuck.

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