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#551 Billy Hoeft


551 Billy Hoeft551 Billy Hoeft back

Another from the difficult high series. This card has soft-ish corners and a small crease in the upper left. Probably would grade in the VG-EX range because is has a nice surface and good centering. SMR on a NM example is $15.

This is Hoeft’s only card depicting him in a Braves uniform. He was traded by the Giants, along with Felipe Alou, Ed Bailey, and Ernie Bowman, to the Braves for Del Crandall, Bob Hendley, and Bob Shaw in December of 1963.

Hoeft was a capable but unspectacular left-hander who pitched 15 seasons. He was an all-star in 1955 when he went 16-7 with a 2.99 ERA, 1.19 WHIP, and allowed just 7.7 H/9 with the Tigers. He won 20 games the next year, but his pitching numbers weren’t nearly as good. His biggest claim to fame is being one of 38 pitchers in MLB to strike out the side on nine pitches in an inning.

Billy threw 73.1 innings in 1964 with Milwaukee and posted a 3.80 ERA. He was released following the season, then signed and released by the Tigers before settling in with the Cubs in 1965.

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  1. 02/22/2010 4:18 pm

    I really enjoyed looking through this blog, I’ve been trying to find out if Mickey Mantle is the answer or if he was the question on any of the trivia. I’ve been trying to find this info for awhile now. Any help? Here’s some of the info I have found out….basically looking for HOF’ers that are in the trivia or yankees also….mostly interested in Mickey though

    48 is Hank Aaron
    51 is Rogers Hornsby
    52 is Dick Groat
    73 is New York Yankees
    103 is Cy Young
    129 is Willie Mays
    149 is Joe DiMaggio
    156 is Shoeless Joe Jackson
    215 is Stan Musial
    220 is Roberto Clemente
    245 is Babe Ruth
    255 is Babe Ruth?
    258 is Whitey Ford
    259 is Hank Greenberg
    359 is Babe Ruth
    468 is Ty Cobb
    551 is Babe Ruth

    152 Denny Lemaster could be NO or Mantle or Ruth
    168 Al Weis could be Whitey Ford
    266 Gene Freese could be Mantle but most likely Elston Howard
    294 Ken Hunt could be Mantle

    • sideshow permalink*
      02/22/2010 5:12 pm

      Jim —-

      Thanks for looking.

      I looked at the back of my Denny Lemaster card and the answer is rubbed off. And I quote: “Nope! Not even by Babe Ruth!”

      I don’t have any others of the four cards you list at the end as of yet. Here are some other HOFers/Yankees who are the trivia answers:

      30 is Yankees (asked who has won the pennant by the widest margin) 31 is Carl Yastzrzemski 45 is Eddie Mathews 62 is Hank Aaron and Willie McCovey 72 is Lou Gehrig 75 is Lou Gehrig 89 is Sandy Koufax 92 is Mel Ott 93 is Early Wynn 95 is Honus Wagner

      I don’t have time to go through the rest now, but I can send you some more as I look over them!

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